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Summer Events and Workshops


Join Christine Danielle Vierling at Soul Truth TAROT Course
Thu Aug 19  -  7:00 PM ‐ 9:00 PM

Learn how to develop stronger intuition & to channel soul truth via this Tarot Course offered by your trusted Soul Truth Tarot Maven, Danielle Vierling with decades of experience; Refine your knowledge & skill reading the Tarot as a beginner or Improver:

What is unique about Danielle’s course is that she makes it personal & relevant to the individuals who take it. Everyone gains personal hands pin experience & insights during the course & comes away really able to trust their intuition not only in reading the cards but in their real lives.

Thursdays 7-9pm IST, 2-4pm EST, & 11-1pm PST
40€ per drop-in workshop or 280€ for all 8 paid in full in advance to receive the Zoom links. Paypal, Revolut or Bank Transfer.


What we will cover:

- How you discover your intuitive abilities via Tarot & other practices that heighten Higher Knowing Understanding the 4 Suits as Guideposts in Work,  Health, Relationships, and Creativity

- The 👑 Court Cards as Mirrors of our Self Development & Mastery of different aspects of our beings

- The First 11 Major Arcana Highlighting Our Journey of Self-Discovery & Intuitive insights

- The Last 11 Major Arcana Taking Our Transpersonal Truths Out into the World 🌎

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Screenshot_2018-09-26 SOUL TRUTH CIRCLE


All Welcome to join in this On-Line soulful meditation space & circle to share heart truth, to gain intuitive insights, calm & clarity, to learn new positive ways to self-empowerment and to evolve and apply our active consciousness in the face of anything, no matter what!

ZOOM will be used as our meeting space and requires that you provide your email 24 hours in advance please.
Contributions via Paypal linked with or Bank Transfer are appreciated (PM host) to keep your Facilitator & Soul Truth Maven, Danielle Vierling, afloat in this Current Sea of Uncertainty. Many thanks!

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LIFE SynergyDance & Yoga Activating Your Power Workshop
Sunday, July 25, 2021 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Here's a compassionately gently held space for your total well-being, power activation, divine embodiment & heartfelt nurturing. 🌺

The 3 hour workshop will include :

- Meditation/mindfulness practice,

- Authentic heartfelt connection and sharing with those present

- Ayurvedic, somatic stress- release Qi Gong movement/gentle yoga exercises, & playful free form expressive dance

- Space to allow you to personally connect with yourself as part of the Infinite Energy of our Universe

This 4 hour workshop will be facilitated by two certified and experienced Dublin-based healing polarity therapists, Julian A Arranz and Danielle Vierling, both passionate about bringing out the best in you for optimal well-being. Please see & for more about them and polarity therapy. Please note that polarity therapy refers to the electromagnetic balancing of the energetic poles (above and below) within the body as well as to balancing all aspects of being human, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually by unifying polarized energies within.

Contact Danielle on 085-703-4984 for further details; enrollment requires payment in advance via Paypal or Revolut. €50 for this special half-day gift to yourself! 🌺🥰🌺

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