April/May/June 2020 Events and Workshops

In a small group ZOOM class, we will explore the 78 cards of Tarot as archetypal mirrors of the Unconscious innermost self and an esoteric tool of intuitive development & empowerment

Class 1: Essential Soul Truths in the History & Composition of Tarot
Class 2: The 4 Suits in Relation to the 4 Elements & Numerology
Class 3: The Court Cards as Stages of Self-Actualisation
Class 4: The First 10 Major Arcana - The Soul Evolution of Thyself
Class 5: The Latter Major Arcana: Transpersonal & Collection Evolution
Class 6: The Intuitive Art of Combining Card Meanings & Knowing Divine Timing with Spreads
Class 7: Comprehensive Wheel of Life Spread: Combining Astrology & Tarot
Class 8: Quintessential Relationship Spread: Exploring Matters of the Heart 💓

Payment must be made in advance to attend via Paypal linked with or BankTransfer. After payment Zoom link will be provided.

Every Sunday for Everybody, no experience required. GENTLE, PLAYFUL, FLOW!

To sustain well-being, let’s Move & Free all the emotions cooped up within! SynergyDance is an exceptional form
of movement based on Ayurvedic and Asian meridian health modalities that promote well-being by allowing emotional release as well as activating energetic flow & balance. See


15 Euro per class via Paypal or Bank Transfer.

Your Teacher, Danielle Vierling was certified & trained by SynergyDance Founder & Polarity Therapist, Charmaine Lee, in 1996 and has been helping empower participants with its simple, fun but healing moves ever since.

All Welcome to join in this On-Line soulful meditation space & circle to share heart truth, to gain intuitive insights, calm & clarity, to learn new positive ways to self-empowerment and to evolve and apply our active consciousness in the face of anything, no matter what!

ZOOM will be used as our meeting space and requires that you provide your email 24 hours in advance please.

Donations via Paypal linked with or Bank Transfer are appreciated (PM host) to keep your Facilitator & Soul Truth Maven, Danielle Vierling, afloat in this Current Sea of Uncertainty. Many thanks!

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