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Nov/Dice 2020 Events and Workshops

12:00 PM

Wednesday’s (7-9pm) in December to Align & Connect with Your Divinity:

9th December: ✨Divine Embodiment & Healing Techniques...✨
Highlighting how to keep your Faith even when Life seems to turn against you & how to Keep your Divine alignment, trust, & connection no matter What!

16th December: Divine Protection Practices to Keep you Strong & Resilient n the Face of Anything!

23rd December: Divine Blessings, Timing, & Manifestation Rituals for Everyday Miracles & Abundance 💫

30th December: Divine Relationship Tools to Expand & Open All Hearts

All Workshops expertly held by your Trustworthy Soul Truth Maven, Danielle Vierling with 50 years of experiential spiritual wisdom training & practices that really work in our real everyday 3D reality.

Gift yourself 💝 40euro per workshop in celebration of your Divinity or 150euro for All 4 paid in advance. Zoom link will
be provided once payment is made. Many thanks! 💐

12:00 PM

Your wise elder, Blue Light Lady ✨🦋✨ internationally renowned astrologer with 50 years in service, Genevieve Vierling and her daughter, Danielle Vierling, your Soul Truth Maven, will host this experiential astrology workshop on the placement of the key Asteroids (Pallas/Athena, Juno, Vesta, & Ceres) in your own birth map and how you may access your Goddess Power in alignment with their supreme energies. ✨🥰💖🌸🔑👑✨💫

Gift 💝 Yourself the Keys to Your Own Goddess Empowerment! 50euro for this 3 hour workshop with personal attention to your own asteroid placements. Payment and enrolment required by 1st December to Paypal, Revolut or Bank Transfer. PM Danielle for details. Zoom link will be given once payment is made.

12:00 PM

All Welcome to join in this On-Line soulful meditation space & circle to share heart truth, to gain intuitive insights, calm & clarity, to learn new positive ways to self-empowerment and to evolve and apply our active consciousness in the face of anything, no matter what!

ZOOM will be used as our meeting space and requires that you provide your email 24 hours in advance please.

Donations via Paypal linked with or Bank Transfer are appreciated (PM host) to keep your Facilitator & Soul Truth Maven, Danielle Vierling, afloat in this Current Sea of Uncertainty. Many thanks!

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