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TESTIMONIALS from previous Retreats

“Amazing, Beautiful, Thank you! I cam looking to get more connection with myself & left with connection to myself, everyone in attendance, Nature, and the Universe.  I loved the retreat so much!

Sept 2020 Retreat participant


“Authentic, lacking Ego, nurturing, fun, protective, & enlightening...thank you- it helped me move negativity & hopelessness into new power and energy.”

Sept 2020 Retreat Participant


“Mind-blowing & 💯 % amazing!”

Sept 2020 Retreat Participant


“Perfect, 10 out of 10 or maybe higher! I loved every part, dancing, yoga, sharing, chats over exceptional meals. I got everything I needed.” 

Sept 2020 Retreat Participant


“Excellent, loosened up & balanced my energy.”

Sept 2020 Retreat Participant


“The energy of this lovely weekend experience was incredible! I’m inspired to learn more about spirituality now.”

Sept 2020 Retreat Participant

"I would just like to say how thankful I am for the retreat.  It was so much more than I could have imagined.  The setting was so ideal, food amazing and the company very uplifting.  The energy work was nothing like I had ever experienced and since the retreat I have felt such a weight off my shoulders.  Your warm open heart was such a pleasure to be around and yourself and Julian held the group so beautifully. I feel so blessed to have had a 1:1 reading with yourself.  You were so generous with your time and I found the information really inspiring.  I will definitely be recommending you to friends in Dublin!

From the bottom of my heart thank you so much for everything you have given and shared with me.  I will definitely be keeping my eye out for your retreats in the future!"
Ireland Summer Wicklow Retreat Participant from Ireland, August 2020.

"I found the classes throughout the retreat very helpful, informative and very enjoyable. The food was wonderful and I feel the facilitators got a lovely balance between doing deep work and creating a supportive, caring, fun environment that was very accepting and inclusive. Lovely atmosphere overall was created for this retreat-thank you."
Spain Heaven on Earth Retreat Participant from Ireland, October 2018.


"This retreat helped me to resource myself- Danielle and Julian did everything in their effort to facilitate this.  Warm people and delicious food!  I felt very much at home and thought repeatedly that this was absolutely the right place for me to be! Thank you very much! "
Spain Heaven on Earth Retreat Participant from Switzerland, October 2018.

“... I enjoyed the retreat and I found myself connecting in and switching off from the world which was great for me. I also got to meet some really lovely people.”.
Spain Heaven on Earth Retreat Participant from Ireland, October 2018

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