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Lloret de Mar, Spain


Fully booked

Dedicate time in an abSOULutely beautiful place to bring you into a more authentic, happier, and natural relationship with yourself!  Nurture, integrate, and rejuvenate your body, heart, and soul with the Natural Elements of  Fire, Water, Earth, Air, & Ether.

LLORET de MAR, SPAIN - Luxury Accommodation surrounded by beautiful Costa Brava Beaches, 5 min walk to the beach,15 min walk to the charming seaside village of Lloret de Mar, and just 1 hour from Barcelona.


The Villa itself is a two-storied building, occupies 360 sq meters. The Villa’s outside space goes harmoniously with a local picturesque landscape, which is represented with a beautiful rocky coastline and green hills. Besides there is a huge garden (1 000 m2) full of fruit trees where you can eat ecological fruits directly from the tree. Also the villa is equipped with a fantastic 14 meters long pool with jacuzzi and spa water jets , BBQ area, a porch with a dining area, terrace with solarium , in winter season the pool is climatized.

Each room is decorated in it's own and different style , many of them are suites with their own bathroom and a couple of them have in-room panoramic bath to relax while enjoying the sea views.

The location of Villa is well-chosen both in terms of the proximity of the beach and the tranquility of the area, the beach is situated in a charming cove between rocks.

Moreover you can find all kind of activities such as restaurants, shops, market, night life of Lloret de Mar in a 10-15 minute walk from the house.

Also there is a medieval castle-fortress not far than 6 km in Tossa de Mar.

There is high speed Internet WiFi connection. Air conditioning Indoor fireplace Heating


Friday, 26th October - 1st November 2018, bypassing the tourist madness and enjoying beautiful 22 degree Celsius temperature on average.



Devote time in an abSOULutely beautiful place to bring you into a more authentic, happier, and natural relationship with yourself!  Learn that no matter what happens externally in your life, you can create more inner peace and enjoy Heaven on Earth here and now.  Nurture, integrate, and rejuvenate your body, heart, and soul by acquiring everyday practical tools to sustain well-being and connection with all that matters to you through:

Group activities:

  • Learn MEDITATION to re-connect with your essential soul self and to sustain a positive focus anywhere, anytime;

  • Practice YOGA to release stress, anxiety & pain. Cultivate balance.  Feel at home & relaxed in your body;

  • Develop your natural CREATIVITY & imagination to solve real life problems and to manifest the life you want;

  • Enjoy Time in NATURE to ground with the support & nourishment that Mother Earth gives;

  • Liberate your energies and expression via Synergy DANCE;

  • Ease away tensions with facilitated SWIMMING pool (acclimatized for comfort) movement and exercises;

  • Explore SOUL TRUTH via facilitated circle sharing.

One-on-One Treatments & Inner Process Facilitation

  • Re-balance energy & relax deeply through PRIVATE PLINTH SESSIONS (Somatic release WORK, polarity therapy bodywork & Lomi Lomi Hawaiian healing massage);

  • Expand your awareness via COUNSELING;

  • Engage in private yoga/exercises for your Personal EMPOWERMENT Process;

  • Validate your deeper self and discover what fulfills you via SOUL TRUTH TOOLS (i.e. Astrology, Tarot, etc.)

Nurture, integrate, and rejuvenate your body, heart, and soul with the Natural Elements:

  • FIRE   Mediterranean SUN, positive energy and Creative Expression.

  • WATER  Mediterranean SEA, infinity pool, hot tubs, compassionate LOVE via One to One healing Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage, and expressive movement.

  • EARTH  Daily YOGA outdoors in our beautiful fruit laden garden, and nourishment with daily vegetarian/vegan meals expertly & soulfully prepared by our hired Spanish chef, Raul Garcia Crespo

  • AIR  Fresh sea air everywhere and fresh perspectives, education, and conversations that will illuminate your SOUL TRUTH.

  • ETHER  Plenty of personal SPACE to connect with yourself and the SOURCE of All that is through MEDITATION, and communion with Nature.


Thursday, 26th October: 

6-8pm Check-in; Wine & Tapas Welcome

8-9pm Opening Circle;

9-10pm Hot Tub Relaxation.


9-10am Breakfast

10-11am Morning Yoga

11-1pm Group Work

1-2pm Lunch

2-4pm Group Work

4-6pm Break or Private Treatments

6-7pm Dinner

7pm Onwards Break or Optional Meditation or Private Treatments


A small group of participants who are ready to let go of what no longer services them, and to embrace more of a Life Worth Living!  Well experienced retreat, group, and one-to-one facilitators to support the best in you!

​​About Danielle Vierling

She was certified in the healing practice of Polarity Therapy by the American Polarity Therapy Association ( in 1996 plus is a a member of I.P.E.A. (The International Polarity Education Alliance), Member of Polarity Therapy Healing Ireland and has a qualification in Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage. She also holds a Masters degree in International Communications and Conflict Resolution. Her training and application of skill has been inclusive of intuitive counseling, emotional and mental re-patterning, nutrition, and yoga and SynergyDance exercises to empower individuals and groups to be healthy on all levels (heart, body, & soul) in their  daily lives.  She offers one on one and group sessions to help her clients release blocked emotions and self-limiting thoughts/beliefs so that they may embrace more love, joy, and fulfillment in their lives. Over her 20 years of passionate service in Dublin, Ireland, she has become adept at respecting the needs of each client with her compassion in a safe l energetic space,  intuitively identifying the imbalances found in their energetic field, and in re-stimulating their natural balance, energy flow, and well-being.

About Julian A. Arranz

He is a Polarity Therapy Professional from Madrid, a member of I.P.E.A. (The International Polarity Education Alliance), Member of Polarity Therapy Healing Ireland and a member of A.E.T.P. (Spanish Polarity Therapy Association). He has qualifications in Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage and Functional osteopathic technique. After four years of training and practice in Polarity Therapy his goal is to teach how to discover and to connect with the deepest, authentic and highest self to live a life full of meaning and purpose; providing the tools and knowledge necessary to become responsible of your health and wellness. Julián studied History of Philosophy and Science in Complutense University in Madrid, is Professor of Arts, Creativity and Techniques for personal development. Furthermore he is Contemporary Visual Art Artist, electronic musician  and author of the book "Art, pleasure and technology".

About Chef Raul Garcia Crespo

He creates soulful food fusing my experience from kitchens around the world and my studies in the arts of ayurvedic, satvic, southern european and mexican. Raul is a Spanish Chef from south Spain with over 8 years of experience in kitchens around the world including a year in Melbourne learning the art of Mexican food. the last 3 years have been spent working closely with Indian chefs learning Satvic (vegetarian) yogic food and discovering Ayuverdic cooking and nutrition for self healing in Mysore, India.
His passion is fusing global styles, flavours and colours to create healthy, nutritious and balanced meals that are easy to digest and good for the body and soul.

...meals prepared with love and finesse by Chef Raul ...


I grew up surrounded by the Mediterranean cuisine of Southern Andalusia; eating fresh vegetables daily from my family's farm, the dining table was always bursting with colour, passion and diversity. Since completing my Masters in Political Anthropology at the University of Granada, I have traveled, filled with a desire to learn the culture and food of the world. This desire has led me to work in many restaurants in many different countries. Combining my love of humanity, health and nourishment, I create multi-lingual dishes that fuse a melting pot of international flavours. In India I trained in Ayurvedic cooking. I integrate my knowledge of the mental and physical benefits of spices and herbs into all my dishes as well as bringing the fresh vivid sharpness of the Vietnamese kitchens I have worked in and the Gastronomic picante fire from the Mexican oven. I am always expanding my interest in the traditional and established culinary methods, yet exploring new dimensions, making fusions and adding my own big hearted Spanish dynamism to every menu I create. For me food is more than feeding people, but an art of life. I recently featured in the August 2017 edition of Vegan Living Magazine and f or the last three years have been head chef at Vale De Moses Yoga Retreat, Portugal, recently voted by The Guardian as one of the top 25 retreats in the world. I think a yoga retreat centrum is the right place for me to contribute with my knowledge and enthusiasm.


FULL PRICE for RESIDENTIAL LUXURY RETREAT (inclusive of accommodation, meals and all offerings listed) depending on your room choice: SINGLE En Suite, SHARED Room En Suite, SINGLE/Common House Bathroom/Shower, SHARED Room/Common House Bathroom/Shower as indicated below:

- The Base rate for the Full 6 night/5day retreat, 26th Oct - 1st Nov 2018: From 900€ per person sharing, inclusive of luxury accommodation by the beach, 3 ayurvedic meals per day, daily yoga, swimming, meditation, therapeutic bodywork and massage, as well as self-reflection, somatic release & empowerment & creative expression exercises.  Travel arrangements and expenses are not included.


Single supplement pricing depends on choice of room; please see room description for pricing and details.


Our beautiful Retreat villa with infinity pool, hot tub, and sanctuary garden is for the exclusive use of 10 special participants and our experienced staff of 4 who will hold you in a compassionate, nurturing, and healing cocoon space.




Lloret de Mar, Spain, 26th Oct. -1st Nov, 2018

To secure a place and room preference for this retreat, please fill out an application and make your deposit per links below:  

Terms & Conditions


To hold a place in the Heaven on Earth Spain 2018 Retreat, please make a 200 deposit and submit an application.  In the application, you will be asked to select your room of choice and whether you prefer single or shared accommodation.  Your accommodation choice will determine the full payment of the retreat for you.  You may make half-payment (less your 200 deposit) by 1st September 2018.  The final balance of payment will be required by 15th October 2018.  After the deposit, payments can be made via bank transfer.   Other arrangements maybe made on request.


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