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"It is difficult to express my feelings during and after Lomi Lomi healing session by Danielle and Julian. Both of them have beautiful hearts and their energies match perfect to create 4 hands massage and miracle of balance the yin and yang. I received strong synchronicity sign next day after the treatment. I wish you both continue be blessed in what you are doing. Namaste Earth Angels."
I. February 2019

Danielle is the kindest and most beautiful soul you can trust for guidance. I’ve known her for many years and each time when I visit I look forward to the aura of safety and warmth she creates around her session. She genuinely cares when she asks how things are. I’ve experienced soul-level readings with her where Danielle’s cards would visually match events to unfold in my future. Moreover, her readings are wonderfully structured which makes them easy to remember back in time. Besides that, Danielle also explains energies astrologically and numerologically which adds further layers to her readings. I also trust Danielle with energy work and her polarity therapy has been a deeply therapeutic experience during emotional times. She’s always positive and supportive. I’ve been incredibly fond of connecting with the beautiful soul Danielle and would highly recommend her! 

K. 2018


Sometimes you stumble in life and you need to reset and make changes that don’t come easy. I found that energy work with Danielle and Julian helped me distance myself from emotions that were toxic for me at such time. During the Spring Equinox 2018 I’ve experienced their ‘4 hands’ therapy with a unique feeling that happened throughout the session. My body was deeply relaxed and as Danielle and Julian worked with me in this state I also felt as if a hand was holding my face. Rarely have I experienced such clear physical connection with someone ‘assisting’ the healers. It was very beautiful and reassuring. Both Danielle and Julian were literally flowing around me. Trusting healers in such situations can make you feel very vulnerable but they made me feel all calm and relaxed which meant we could achieve powerful effects. They both shared their wisdom at the end of the session in the context of their and my experience during the healing. I saw them and heard them complimenting each other in their unique healing offering. I’d highly recommend them as healers and lovely wise souls to connect with.

K. 2018

"Best Massage Ever!!"

American client, December 2018

’....thank you for your reading today , it felt like you knew me years.You have a very calm and healing approach and I feel very positive about the next year.”

Ciara, Dublin November 2018

“After the short polarity therapy, the time I was walking to the bus i felt like could straighten my back more,I could feel my right shoulder when I bend. I felt good physically, calmer as well. 

Even now, when I think about that session calmness coming back to me.”

​C.H., Dublin December 2018

“ Danielle's skilled and intuitive interweaving of Polarity Therapy, Polarity Yoga and Synergy Dance is a true gift for all of us who come to move some energies in the space she holds. Together with her professional partner Julian, they create a safe and enticing environment for a deep and authentic expression of one's truest self. A glorious blend of light, dark, yin, yang, emotions, embodiment, intensity, lightness, joy and more. One leaves feeling grounded and nourished, ready to meet life with open arms. Unique and delightful! ”

Delphine, Dublin January 2018

Over the past 20 years, Dublin City Fm (103.2) Radio has interviewed Danielle several times to share her empathy and intuitive gifts that have served thousands of clients in recognizing and embracing their personal heartfelt truth.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your warmth and wisdom and for holding space in such a gorgeous and skilled way for myself and the other souls who come to you for guidance. I feel very blessed indeed that our paths are crossing in this lifetime." 
Dee, December 2017

"Thanks for all the love, support, courage, teaching, enlightenment and much more....you are out of this world....Thanks." 
Grazine, December 2017

“Having experienced Danielle’s ability to speak and live in full consciousness of her beliefs is magic. I value her constant affirmation of the ability we all have to manifest a beautiful life. She always provides the safety zone for speaking and believing in the magic of the world.”

Paddie Garland, May 2011

“‘I find SynergyDance/Yoga therapeutic and grounding.  Danielle’s gentle approach makes it easier to accept where I am in the “here and now”.  SynergyDance/Yoga helps me….

  • to keep moving in body and mind even at times when I feel “mentally stuck”…

  • By moving externally in Synergy, I feel I can “shift” things internally as well…

  • By shifting the energy physically, changes can happen, even if I don’t “intellectually” understand why/how it happens…”

Ulrike Bingel, SynergyDance/Yoga class participant, May 2011

“The  (polarity therapy) session was very helpful for me.  Since our session, I have observed the following changes:

-I am breathing more deeply

-I am more open to receiving

-I feel a sense of increase in both time and space

-My body feels softer, less brittle

-I have some lightness returning to my being

-I am laughing more

-Everything no longer feels like a chore to be gotten over with

These are pretty huge outcomes, so i thank you very, very much. the session was a turning point in my breakup healing. ”
Jenny MacDonald, polarity therapy client, 8th June 2010

“I have been to her classes and they are extremely uplifting and don’t require you to learn any steps, or wear any special clothes.”
Journalist, Victoria Mary Clarke, wrote of Danielle in the Sunday Independent/November 2008

“My first experience of synergy dance with Danielle started my process of inner exploration, in which slowly undulating and fluid rhythms accompany self-applied stretches on the floor, moving progressively through the elements of ether, air, fire, water and earth. The second part (of class) is expressive dance that uses principles of the elements and the healing energies behind ancient and multicultural dance forms and music, including African, Brazilian, Middle Eastern, Celtic and more, bringing awareness of your mental attention . Danielle is truly an inspirational talent and a source of great healing and growth, she is totally recommended.

May 29, 2010, Vincent Fogarty, Client and Student of SynergyDance/Yoga since 2007.

“Danielle is a great teacher. Very patient, tolerant, supportive, with an open mind and enormous knowledge. Her classes gave us balance, joy and energy to face the world. For that – we thank you!” 

March 10, 2010 Anabel and Lukas , participants of SynergyDance , Olive Tree Studio, Dublin, Ireland

“Danielle, for me, spells the ultimate advisor – be that to integrate mind and body/ spirit or just to get a view on a business/personal situation. A highly intuitive and excellent negotiator I would recommend her skills in any service that deals with working with people. I am always nourished on every level by her classes, the tremendous effort she puts into running them never shows until one digs a bit deeper. For that I commerate her deep loyality to whatever project or class she decides to run. In three words, deep care, consideration and with churpyness.” 
January 12, 2010, Marissa Selman (Goog Selman Polarity Therapy & Intuitive Guidance Client and SynergyDance participant

“Danielle is incredibly loving, caring and a sensible person.. She is professional and has ability to create an immediate sparkling loving energy around her. First time I met her it was at the Dublin premiere of Living Matrix Movie where she caught me with her shining eyes full of positive energy. Therefore I visited her Synergy Yoga Dance in Dublin. First time I didn’t know what to expect, but she took me through beautiful and very enjoyable journey, what shook my whole body for rest of the day… I didn’t know what was happening to me in that very moment, but later I realized that is was the stored negative energy coming out of all my body and leaving me in peace and harmony. It was Danielle who made me feel again free and fearless. I felt I could reach everything I wish for once again. Second class was even better, because I knew more less what will happen and Danielle once again created a connection between all of us, students of the class. We we not bunch of strangers anymore, we were on the same flowing energy level of loving kindness… I would definitely recommend her class to everyone. I had lot of anxiety inside of myself for past few months, but since I started to go to Danielle’s classes I am feeling 100% better. I am feeling I am back at path of my own growth fearlessly… I am looking forward to experience more… Thank you Danielle P.S: And I really like your music selection, too ” 
December 18, 2009, Alena Moricz, SynergyDance participant

“Danielle is incredibly gifted, both as a polarity therapist and as as a synergy dance teacher. I am privileged to have had the opportunity to work with her.” 
December 4, 2009, Cathy Molloy,  Polarity Therapy Client & SynergyDance participant


“After a polarity healing session with Danielle I found that amazing changes just happened all of their own accord with very little effort on my part in making them happen. Even my feet which suffer from extremely dry skin have cleared up and are a milllion times better, again with out me doing anything extra to elicit this. I have found Danielle to be very warm, caring and genuinely interested in helping her clients. I would always look forward to going to see her for a treatment. She is very professional in her manner and I would highly recommend her.” 
November 18, 2009, Niamh Byrne, Polarity Therapy and Intuitive Guidance Client

… “if you’re interested in alternative spirituality, you’ll probably love her Synergy. Even if alternative spirituality isn’t your bag (man), you can really enjoy yourself if you leave your cynicism at the door…The atmosphere was upbeat and, feel-good and, apart from anything else, it’s a good workout …”
Irish author, Marian Keyes, in her novel Under the Duvet/April 2004 and in Image Magazine, November 1999, writes of her experience with Danielle

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